What is the European Dream?


Survey on European Dreams for the Future of Europe

In partnership with Policy Solutions, Hungary

The founders of the European project were dreamers. They dreamed of a united Europe: a continent of peace, solidarity and shared prosperity. A Europe without borders and divisions that celebrates the continent’s incredible diversity. A Europe evolving towards an ever closer union, inspired by the notion that Europe will always be stronger together.

Do Europeans today share the founders’ dream?

What is their view in an era where this dream is portrayed as a nightmare by eurosceptics and ultra-nationalist groups? During a time when the United Kingdom has left the European Union whilst solving big challenges from climate change to migration demands more - not less - cooperation?

What are the hopes and dreams of everyday Europeans in this complex and rapidly changing world? For themselves and their families. For their own countries and for the Union as a whole?

Together, FEPS and Policy Solutions set to find out with this landmark survey covering the 14 most populous Member States. Our research defines the European dream with clarion insights for all those engaged in tackling Europe’s most pressing challenges.

As policymakers debate the Future of Europe - hoping to make the Union more responsive to the views and needs of citizens - this research is especially timely.

Democracy works best when everyone is heard. This survey shares the people’s voice. We all need to hear it.

Report: European Dream

Event: launch of the European Dream Report

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