Health Democracy


In the year 2020, Europe entered its first lockdown. A year and a half later, we are turning our gaze towards the past, trying to understand some macro-dynamics that led us to the situation we are facing today.

Health Democracy is a European project aimed at creating an integrated analysis of the social inequalities of the post-COVID world.

It is led by the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and Fondazione Socialismo, and is divided into 3 lines of action: Research, Training, Dissemination.



The experts of Fondazione Socialismo and FEPS are committed, together with Mondoperaio magazine, to research and analysis. Therefore, the project will produce a European white paper of Health Democracy, a report whom PROF Carlo Caldarini and Felicia Modica are working on in collaboration with young researchers and activists. The paper will represent the “theoretical” section of an all-encompassing analysis (analytical, socio-political, conference debate …) mirroring post-covid social reality. This report is a scientific exploration (therefore based on data and academic research) of the scenarios of inequality following the spread of the pandemic. We decided to create a cosmopolitan perspective, which includes four European cities as cardinal points for a socio-demographic approach on “health inequalities” and a point of view from other parts of the world (such as Myanmar).


FEPS and Fondazione Socialismo have always been focused on training pools and formation, for theoretical and research work to be integrated and assimilitaded at best in their nearest circles. Several workshops and seminars are planned but the main new perspective of this project is the idea of political design, studied by prof Elisabetta Cianfanelli and Dr Claudia Coppola, from University of Firenze: “Pandemic is significantly shaking the foundations of a staggering reality, marked by inequalities and in search of greater social, economic and environmental responsibility.

A great technological, social and political transformation is taking place producing new forms of work and new lifestyles, new dynamics and new relationships between people, the environment and the community. Strategical preparation for the future is essential, expressing a political planning that is able to translate new technological opportunities into development and innovation levers.

FEPS and Fondazione Socialismo want to explore and renew the ways to architect the political future in the age of technology. Politics was the “queen of techniques”. Architecture, literally superintendent of techniques, has always been a metaphor for politics. Design is the key to get out of the metaphor.

The training events aim to present the disciplinary field of design, its tools and its approaches, as historical translator of technological progress placed at the service of social well-being. Thanks to its analysis, verification and synthesis, a design project is able to provide answers to perceived and intercepted needs, thus accompanying the evolution of modus vivendi.
The workshop activity aims to offer an experience of disciplinary contamination, proposing to the participants to adopt and experiment some of the design tools in the drafting of proposals for writing reforms at European level aimed at promoting the transition to a new digital democracy”.


Everything in the project (knowledge, ideas, methods) is meant to be disseminated and shared worldwide.

For this reason we have built this website ( to collect and publish everything we produce such as papers and other features, videos, news, events, etc.