Lifelong Learning for All



Ahead of the publication of the European Commission's proposal on Individual Learning Accounts, we aimed to feed the discussion on lifelong learning as a tool to ensure EU citizens are resilient and fit to take full advantage of the ongoing transitions.

Speakers: Nicolas Schmit, EU Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights; Enrico Letta, Jacques Delors Institute President & Secretary of Partito Democratico; Tuula Haatainen, Finnish Minister of Employment; Alicia Homs Ginel, S&D MEP of the EP Committee on Employment and Social Affairs; Maria João Rodrigues, FEPS President, David Rinaldi, FEPS Director of Studies and Policy; and Klervi Kerneïs, Jacques Delors Institute Research assistant.

A Policy Study on the same topic was presented by authors David Rinaldi and Klervi Kerneis.



Policy Study

‘Towards an Individual Right to Adult Learning for All Europeans’
Authors: Sofia Fernandes and Klervi Kerneis

This Policy Study by FEPS and Institut Jacques Delors looks at the current state of adult learning in the EU and calls for a European initiative to foster the creation of an individual right to adult learning in each member state through the establishment of Individual Learning Accounts (ILAs) according to European guidelines.

Policy Brief

‘Towards A European Individual Learning Account'
Authors: Sofia Fernandes and Klervi Kerneis

The EU has set ambitious goals to upskill and reskill the European workforce and make it fit to drive the transitions underway. This Policy Study highlights the need for a systemic change towards a life-cycle approach to learning and puts forward proposals that we deem can help deliver on this objective.


Citizenship and Lifelong Learning Monitor 2020 
By Solidar Foundation and FEPS

This is a research report about policy developments in the field of attainment of skills, through lifelong learning, for active participation in society. The Monitor investigates the digital, green and civic competencies that Europeans have and the role of informal and non-formal education providers in promoting these through community-level partnerships.



Progressive post Dossier: ‘The fight against education inequality- for a stronger European response’

If there was anything positive about the Covid-19 pandemic, it is that we have been reminded of the importance of public services and the access to essential and quality services from education to healthcare. In this crisis, educational and care workers have regained the recognition they had lost a long time ago. However, besides its ongoing death toll and the economic downturn in its wake, the pandemic has also increased inequalities and left the most vulnerable groups with an even higher mountain to climb.



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