Africa Day 2022

Amsterdam, 28 May 2022

On 28 May 2022 the Afrikadag will be held LIVE at the KIT in Amsterdam! After two years in which it was not possible to organise the Afrikadag due to Covid-19, a partnership of FEPS and the FMS will once again host the largest event on Africa and international cooperation in the Netherlands.

There is no specific theme this year. Instead, the focus is on the core value of the Afrikadag: the importance of African voices in civic discussions and policy at the national and international level.

How do we as the Netherlands, and Europe, relate to African countries, communities and people in the year 2022? How can we achieve the essential renewal of this relationship on equal footing? And what kind of impact have two years of Covid-19 had on this interaction? Such are the questions that we aim to answer at the 2022 Afrikadag.

More information on the event webpage!

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Africa Day 2022





Saturday, 28 May 2022