Just Transition: The path to a healthy planet for the prosperity of all

Stockholm (Sweden), 3 June 2022

Urgent action is needed to prevent the breakdown of our climate and the natural world. At the same time, the global divide between rich and poor is deeper than ever, and workers’ rights are under attack. The crisis of nature and the crisis of inequality are closely linked. We must address both at once.

That is why trade unions all over the world are calling for a Just Transition. All jobs need to become green and decent, and workers and communities must have safety and opportunity in this great shift. Importantly, they must also have a say in how the transition is made. Social dialogue between workers, their unions and employers are an essential part of a Just Transition.

This fundamental upgrade of the world of work must also benefit women. How do we seize this opportunity to take a leap towards gender equality? And what should the Global North be doing to support Just Transitions in the Global South?

Speakers discussed in this event what steps you can take during Stockholm+50 to ensure that the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic supports a Just Transition for workers and communities.

This event was organised by FEPS, Olof Palme International Center, International Trade Union Confederation, the ITUC Just Transition Centre, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation, SOLIDAR, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

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Friday, 03 June 2022