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European public opinions and migration: Achieving common progressive narratives

April 05, 2019
Author: Hedwig Giusto, Hervé Le Bras, Lisa Pelling, Luigi Troiani, Marco Funk, Oliver Gruber, Sarah Kyambi, Tamás Boros, Thilo Scholle, Timo Rinke

Attitudes towards migrants are difficult to grasp – but they are less divided than populists would have us believe. Nevertheless, an increasing number of Europeans feel uneasy about people who escape poverty and violence in search of a decent and safe life far away from their home. This European uneasiness is expressed in fears that range from unfair competition in the labour market and reduced access to social services in the host countries to the perceived threat posed by migrants to national identities, ethnic homogeneity and security. The aim of this book is to try and shed light on the paradox that the disadvantaged and marginalised represent an imminent threat to our societies.

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