Book: Our European Future

May 27, 2021

FEPS contribution to the Conference on the Future of Europe

The book 'Our European Future: Charting a Progressive Course in the World' is the first high-quality book making proposals to the Conference on the Future of Europe, authored by 36 top experts and intellectuals and edited by FEPS President Maria João Rodrigues, with the collaboration of François Balate.

It is high time to bring in a real debate of ideas. This book offers solutions to rethink our socioeconomic model in the glare of the environmental and digital transformations; to redefine Europe’s role in the world to contribute to renewed multilateralism; to strengthen investment in public goods; and finally, to re-invent our democratic contract.

It brings together the insights of renowned experts from across Europe, and it should prove a handy guide for any progressive thinker, policymaker or activist, and for any citizen who would like to take part in the necessary democratic debate about our future

The world is facing many great challenges: from pandemics to climate change, and from increasing inequality to the issues surrounding digitalization. In a new and rapidly changing global landscape, Europe must look for solutions to these difficulties to follow up on its impressive decades-long process of integration. Europe has the capacity to chart a progressive course in the world.

Read Euractiv op-ed by Maria João Rodrigues  'A new phase for the European project'

Download the book | French version


László Andor, Vytenis Povilas Andriukaitis, François Balate, Peter Bofinger, Tanja A. Börzel, Mercedes Bresso, Stefan Collignon, Olivier Costa, Emma Dowling, Saïd El Khadraoui, Gerda Falkner, Georg Fischer, Diego Lopez Garrido, Hedwig Giusto, Giovanni Grevi, Ulrike Guérot, Paolo Guerrieri, Lukas Hochscheidt, Robin Huguenot-Noël, Guillaume Klossa, Halliki Kreinin, Michael A. Landesmann, Jean-François Lebrun, Jo Leinen, Lora Lyubenova, Justin Nogarede, Vassilis Ntousas, Alvaro Oleart, Carlota Perez, David Rinaldi, Barbara Roggeveen, Vivien A. Schmidt, Ania Skrzypek, Mario Telò and Britta Thomsen.

Edited by Maria João Rodrigues.

Watch the book launch and roundtable with top experts and policy makers:

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