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A progressive approach to the Conference on the Future of Europe

July 27, 2021
Author: Richard Corbett

The Conference on the Future of Europe is the widest process of engagement with citizens, besides elections, that the European Union has ever undertaken, but as such it has enormous potentials as well as risks.

The main risk will be to result in a big disappointment, if proposals supported by citizens will be not followed up by the European institutions. However, it can also offer a great opportunity to progressives to introduce largely-needed changes in the European construction, enhancing the European Union’s capacity to act and deliver in a number of cross-border sectors (from healthcare to climate change, from economic justice to migration), and strengthening its democratic accountability and transparency.

This Policy Brief offers some proposals, among the many that could and will be discussed, that could be embraced by European progressives and that may help to make the European Union and its institutions increasingly understandable to European citizens.

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