Leveraging digital regulation for Strategic Autonomy

March 01, 2022
Author: Andrea Renda

Beyond the Brussels effect

The paper analyses Europe’s alleged primacy in the regulation of emerging technologies and assesses whether the so-called ‘Brussels effect’ can help the EU achieve prominence as a global regulator in the digital space. It finds that the Brussels effect, while existing, is not only exaggerated in public debate but is also at risk of gradual erosion over the coming years.

Moreover, current trends in global technology governance suggest that unilateral rule making will not be a viable strategy in the future and that the EU will be able to retain a leading role only if it develops a coalition-building strategy, as well as a self-standing, semi-open technology stack. The paper provides five policy recommendations that may help the EU thrive in an increasingly competitive and strategic terrain.

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This Policy Brief is part of a Strategic Autonomy Series, you can find out more about this issue on the project webpage.

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