EU Care Atlas


Interactive data map that shows how care deficits impact the gender earning gap

Browse through the EU Care Atlas, a new interactive data map to help uncover what the statistics are often hiding: how care deficits directly feed into the gender earnings gap and contribute to gender inequalities.

In the EU, women earn annually 36.7% less than men. While the attention is often focused on the gender pay gap (which averages 13% in the EU), the EU Care Atlas brings to light the more worrisome and complex picture of women’s economic inequalities. The pay gap is just one of the three main elements that explain the overall earnings gap. The EU Care atlas also looks at the employment and hours gaps, besides a picture of unpaid work across Europe. Behind all these indicators lie the disproportionate burden of care work carried by women - paid and unpaid.

The EU Care Atlas is part of the #Care4Care project, by FEPS and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, which over the last two years has developed a care framework supporting the EU gender equality strategy.

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