Progressive Yearbooks


The yearbook is a FEPS annual publication that highlights the most important events and developments of the previous year. But our Progressive Yearbook is also, and above all, about the future. It is an opportunity to stop for a moment and look forward, set priorities, and put on paper some of the expectations and plans against which future developments will have to be tested.

As the leading progressive think tank in Europe, FEPS wants to showcase by its Yearbook its strong network in gathering political leaders, activists and academic experts from our political family, as well as collect critical data and deliver sharp analysis along with concrete proposals.

Yearbook 2022

The Progressive Yearbook focuses on transversal European issues that have left a mark on 2021, and brings insightful future-looking analysis for the new year. This yearly edition counts on renowned authors' contributions, including academics, politicians, and civil society representatives. Read the book here.

Yearbook 2021

The Progressive Yearbook 2021 presents some key issues of the past year, including the emerging concept of the Health Union, the rule of law conundrum, pioneering policies like the Child Guarantee, and the added value of Social Democratic governments. Read the book here.

Yearbook 2020

This is the first launch of the FEPS Yearbook, a book publication in which summarize the best of the previous year and an opportunity to think and discuss about the future. Find articles, interviews, and much more in this 2020 edition of FEPS Yearbook.

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