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FEPS Next Social Europe initiative has been present and prominent within the FEPS activities since the beginning. As a term it stands for a vision of a different, fairer and better Europe. The one that puts people first, that empowers and that protects them. The one that is an area of equal opportunities, social justice and social progress for all.

In the times of the crisis of 2008 and in its aftermath, the discussion on the EU level about how to implement such a vision was frozen. The reasoning behind was an understanding that the Union cannot afford its labour and welfare policies, and that instead there should be cuts made retrenching the European Social Model altogether. But the advocates of such an austerity strategy could have not been more wrong and could have not missed more the demands of the population, which has been demanding from politicians to mobilise all forces to change the trends and bring more equality, more prosperity and more welfare instead.Subsequently, it was therefore most exciting to see some new openings with the debates in 2016-2017 and particularly with the Gothenburg Summit. In their context it is possible to say that while the pertinent challenge is to define “new future for Europe”, to whichever trajectory is to be chosen - it must make EU a social and societal project again. Equipped with knowledge, studies and network of experts – FEPS hopes to contribute to that ongoing historical debate, focusing its proposals alongside 4 main streams of work

 - Strenghtening Social Investment

 - Inequalities matter

 - Revitalising active welfare states

Gender equality

In today’s Europe, gender equality is not only advancing at a snail’s pace but it also faces serious threats. In the face of the rise of far right parties, conservative family values and discriminatory stereotyping across Member States, women rights movements suddenly find themselves fighting (again) for the same rights our mothers and grandmothers fought hard in the past and that we took for granted.

Based on the conviction that equality cannot be conceived by leaving half of its population behind, FEPS believes in a gender just society where women and men are given the same opportunities. In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 to “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”, the work of FEPS on gender equality issues has focused on research and awareness raising for women’s rights through equal representation, balancing work and family life, as well as tackling violence against women and migration-related barriers. Informed by cutting edge feminist research, FEPS is developing further its capacity to inform debates with policy recommendations on issues related to gender, minorities and sexualities in the context of current political momentums.

On the basis of previous work on austerity and gender, FEPS examines and aims to understand gendered mobilization in populism, nationalism and also in extremism. The recent mass mobilization of women of all ages around the #MeToo movements has demonstrated the urgent need to address the societal, cultural and structural obstacles faced by women in their daily lives and therefore FEPS will to continue its endeavour to foster the idea that gender equality is not a cost but an important investment for our future and the economic and social prosperity of all Europeans, men and women.



  • European Health Union – not wishful thinking but a reflection of Europeans’ real concerns

    February 21, 2022
    Brussels Network Office - International Press Centre 1 Bd Charlemagne // 2nd floor

    Hybrid Event, 21 February 2021, Brussels Network Office - International Press Centre,  The time has come to make European health a priority. Health is define...

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  • Specific measures for a social and affordable housing - In the EU and in Hungary

    February 08, 2022

    February 8 The Institute of Social Democracy in co-operation with the Foundation For European Progressive Studies organizied a conference on European housing practi...

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  • Social and Affordable Housing policy in Europe and Czechia

    December 13, 2021

    Hybrid conference, Monday, 13 December 2021. As many as 350,000 Czech households are burdened with excessive housing costs and almost 200,000 Czech households are in dan...

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  • Social rights and wellbeing at the heart of a new EU Economic Governance

    December 01, 2021

    1 December 2021 SOLIDAR and Foundation for European Progressive Studies – FEPS jointly organised their 2021 European Conference titled "BUILDING BACK BETTER: Social ri...

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  • Unequal Europe - Tackling Social, Economic & Regional Divides

    October 04, 2021

    Online conference, Monday 4 October 2021, 16:00 -18:00 Unequal Europe is a long-term research project which analyses regional inequalities in several EU countries. On 4 ...

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  • Regional disparities in Romania - How do they look like and how to overcome them?

    June 23, 2021

    Zoom Meeting, Wednesday 23rd June 2021, 10:00 (CET) Unequal Romania | Regional disparities in Romania - How do they look like and how to overcome them? Since joini...

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  • Call to Europe 10

    May 25th - 27th, 2021

    Virtual festival, 25-27 May 2021 ‘Recovering Europe: Mind the Social Gaps’ was the topic of the 10th edition of Call to Europe, as fighting inequalities and ensuring...

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  • Care Workers on the COVID-19 Frontline

    May 04, 2021

    Online Conference, Tuesday, 4 May 2021, 09:30-13:00 CET via Zoom It took us a global pandemic to realise that we depend on care. But despite all the clapping, care worke...

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  • Progress Summit - Building a Caring Economy to Speed Recovery

    April 29, 2021

    Webinar, Thursday, 29 April 2021 , 18:00 - 21:30 (CET) / 12:00 - 15:30 (UTC -5) Building a Caring Economy to Speed Recovery (Part 2) As we start to anticipate an end to...

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  • Inter-generational solidarity conference for Health and Care

    April 29, 2021

    Online conference, Thursday, 29 April 2021, 18:00 – 19:30 CET on FEPS, PES, YES Facebook pages, live streaming On the occasion of the European Day of Solidarity betwee...

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  • Inequalities in Europe: The post-pandemic European semester

    April 16, 2021

    Online conference, Friday 16th April, 17:30 - 19:15 The seminar addressed the issue of social and economic inequalities in the European Union and focused on the current ...

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  • Eliminating Violence Against Women in Leadership for the Empowerment of All Women and Girls

    March 22, 2021

    Violence against women in politics is not only an intolerable violation of women’s human rights and civil rights but a fundamental challenge to democracy. The UN 65th&...

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  • Design for Politics – Applied training

    March 19, 2021

    Webinar, Friday 19th March, 18:00 -20:00 Pandemic is significantly shaking the foundations of a staggering reality, marked by inequalities and in search of greater socia...

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  • Building gender just societies through intergenerational solidarity - CSW65 Parallel Event

    March 17, 2021

    Webinar, Wednesday, 17 March, 17:00-19:00 (CET) Keynote Speech by Asa Regner, UN Women Deputy Executive Director Hosted by the Foundation for European Progressive Studi...

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  • 65th UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) - FEPS parallel events

    March 16th - 22nd, 2021

    FEPS and its partners have organised a set of parallel events around the 65th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), that took place from 15 to 26 March ...

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  • Fair Pay Political Round table - CSW65 Parallel Event

    March 16, 2021

    Webinar, Tuesday, 16 March, 16:00 - 17:30 (CET) In the context of the 65th session of the UN Commission of the Status of Women, FEPS joined forces with the PES Women, Je...

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  • Progress Summit. It’s Time to Tax the Rich

    March 10th - 11th, 2021

    Webinar, Thursday, 11 March 2021 , 18:00 - 21:30 (CET) / 12:00 - 15:30 (UTC -5) Part 1: Who pays for recovery? Fair taxes and building a future for all Join us in early...

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  • Towards a fairer, care-focused Europe!

    March 04, 2021

    Webinar, Thursday, 4 March 2021 , 14:00 - 15:15 (CET)  Event in the framework of the 6th Progressive Youth Forum The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a disproportionate...

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  • Housing for all: time for Europe to deliver

    January 25th - 29th, 2021

    On Tuesday, January 26th FEPS hosted the workshop ‘Concrete Actions for Social and Affordable Housing in the EU’ in the framework for Progressives’ week for af...

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  • First look at the Digital Services and Markets Acts

    December 16, 2020

    Do they live up to the expectations? Thursday 16 December (13:30 – 14:45) On December 15, the European Commission will publish its proposals for the regulation of onl...

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  • Together for the Future of Europe - Digital Transformation in the European Way?

    December 10, 2020

    Digital transformation is affecting the economic, political and social life in the European Union and globally. Is technology neutral? Has surveillance capitalism tipped ...

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  • Political Participation and Violence Against Women in Politics in Southeastern Europe

    December 08, 2020

    Women’s political participation and representation has made unprecedented progress over the last century. However, women are far below equal representation at every lev...

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  • EU Conference: Joining Forces for a socially sustainable post-Covid Europe

    December 02, 2020

    Wednesday, 2 December 2020 14.00-17.00 CET. Online conference.  FEPS joined SOLIDAR for its European Conference 2020 to discuss lessons learned from the p...

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  • Towards a Child Union - Spain

    November 20, 2020

    Online Study's presentation - 20th November - 11:00 -13:30 On the occasion of Universal Children's Day, FEPS, together with Fundación Pablo Iglesias, presented their jo...

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  • Feminist Culture Café: “The Power of Afrofeminist Art”

    October 14, 2020

    14th October - From 6 PM to 7.30 PM In the framework of the Africa week organised by the S&D Group in the European Parliament, PES Women and the Foundation for Europ...

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  • Towards a Child Union - Slovenia

    September 24, 2020
    EDVARD, Igriška 5

    24th September - 17:30 -18:30 This publication launch was hosted by Progresiva. The results from the ‘Towards a Child Union’ publication were presented and discussed...

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  • Inequality and the top 10% in Europe

    September 23, 2020

    23rd September 2020 - 10.00 (GTM+1)/ 11.00 (CET) This event marks the launch of 4-country study on the financial position and attitudes towards inequality amongst t...

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  • Social and affordable housing

    September 22, 2020

    22nd September - 10.00 - 12.00 Despite the consistent inequalities in access to housing across the EU and the striking consequences that all kind of housing-pathologies ...

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  • Reset! Towards digital, climate and regional justice

    September 05, 2020

    “Try turning it off and back on again” – How many times have we recommended this to fix our computers? With the Covid-19 outbreak, our economy was suddenly and dram...

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  • Expert webinar: Towards a child union

    May 12, 2020

    This experts seminar (12th May 2020) is part of a research, project that FEPS carries out with Reggio Children (IT), Pablo Iglesias Foundation (ES), Institute for Social ...

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  • EU Spending that Empowers: for an inclusive and more resilient Europe

    April 30, 2020

    Join the second FEPS COVID Response Webinar: 30 April 2020 from 10:00 to 11:30 This public online event will be the occasion to discuss how government spending...

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  • Civic responsibilities online and offline: Lifelong learning for digital and traditional citizenship education

    April 28, 2020

    The online Conference "Civic responsibilities online and offline: Lifelong learning for digital and traditional citizenship education" will take place on April the 28th v...

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  • United Nations Commission on the Status of Women – FEPS Parallel Events

    March 09th - 13th, 2020

    Cancelled For the seventh consecutive year, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) will participate to the 64th session of the Commission on the Status o...

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  • Digital Capitalism Conference

    October 29th - 30th, 2019
    Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Hiroshimastraße 17 and 28

    The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), together with the German Trade Union Confederation, the Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, the Institute for the History and Future of Work (IGZA...

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  • Inequality 2020 - Reviving Europe’s Efforts to Attain Inclusive Growth

    July 01, 2019
    Press Club Bruxelles - Rue Froissart 95

    Europe had a strategy to attain smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and deliver wellbeing to its citizens. At the doorstep of 2020, our society is increasingly polari...

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  • Women for Europe, A Europe for Women!

    May 29, 2019
    Rue Montoyer, 40. 1000 Brussels

    The 2019 European elections are decisive in many ways. One of the issues featuring very prominently ahead of these elections is feminism. The current new feminist wave no...

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  • FEPS/SAMAK Digital Future project

    May 15, 2019
    Rue Montoyer, 40

    Workshop on a progressive approach to digital technology

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  • Call to Europe: No step back!

    February 22, 2019
    Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain

    Call to Europe Madrid will address two key topics that are at the heart on how we, progressives, frame a vision for more just, egalitarian and prosperous societies: Urban...

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  • Call to Europe: Working together for a Progressive Social Europe

    February 15, 2019
    C/Consell de Cent 416, Barcelona

    In the framework of our Call to Europe project, FEPS is organising with Fundació Rafael Campalans the seminar: "Working together for a Progressive Social Europe" in Barc...

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  • Call to Europe Budapest: towards a more gender balanced EU?

    December 04, 2018
    VASAS székház (trade union headquater) Magdolna u. 5, Budapest (Hungary)

    100th Anniversary of Women Suffrage Conference 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in many European countries. And yet, there is a lot still to do to...

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  • Sexual harassment and gender-based violence at work: state of play, state of emergency? European Colloquium

    November 19, 2018
    Maison de la Chimie, Paris

    Whereas about every third woman has been victim of some form of sexual harassment at work, what is the stat of play in France and Europe? Which are the legal frameworks i...

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  • Launch of 'Health Inequalities in Europe: Setting the stage for progressive policy action'

    October 10, 2018
    Rue Montoyer, 40. 1000 Brussels

    Healthcare in Europe should be equally accessible to all, but differences in gender, birthplace, and/or socioeconomic background often correlate with different standards ...

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  • Let’s keep moving – Smart, sustainable and fair transport policy solutions for Europe

    November 10, 2011
    Rue Belliard 101, 1040 Brussels, (room 63, 6th floor)

    Interpretation: EN - FR - DE FEPS and the PES Group in the Committee of the Regions are organising a series of lunch debates with an invited audience in Brussels, bringi...

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  • Lifelong Learning for All

    December 09, 2021

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  • Health Democracy

    December 06, 2021

    In the year 2020, Europe entered its first lockdown. A year and a half later, we are turning our gaze towards the past, trying to understand some macro-dynamics that led us to the situation we are facing today.

    Health Democracy” is a European

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  • EU Care Atlas

    November 08, 2021

    Interactive data map that shows how care deficits impact the gender earning gap

    Browse through the EU Care Atlas, a new interactive data map to help uncover what the statistics are often hiding: how care deficits directly feed into the gender earnings gap and contribute to gender

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  • Care4Care Policy Brief Series

    October 27, 2021

    Building on our network of care experts, this Care4Care Policy Brief Series gives centre stage to a long overseen phenomenon that deserves the fullest political relevance and attention.

    By zooming into specific dimensions of care, each policy brief of this series identifies common

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  • Unequal Europe

    July 09, 2021

    How could regional inequalities be tackled in a sustainable way? What opportunities do urban areas have to prevent social exclusion? Would it be time to even out the differences in well-being and access to welfare?

    These are among the driving research questions powering the

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  • Care4Care

    March 04, 2021

    It took us a global pandemic to realise that we depend on care. But despite all the clapping from the balconies, care workers continue to work in precarious and vulnerable conditions. In the EU, carers earn on average

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  • FEPS-FJJ Stop gender-based violence publication series

    November 24, 2020

    On the occasion of the 25th of November marking the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and the Fondation Jean Jaurès join forces to publish a series of publications

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  • Towards a Child Union

    November 18, 2020

    Even before the pandemic, 23 million children in the EU were at risk of poverty and social exclusion. The pandemic has further exacerbated children inequality and it is now time for the European Union to act.

    On the occasion of the

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  • FEPS Covid Response

    May 04, 2020

    Europe is confronted with an unprecedented global health crisis. It is already clear that the human and economic cost of this COVID-19 outbreak will be massive. European institutions as well as some member states have promptly put forward some measures that clearly signal the need for a

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  • “Minerva” Project on Gender, Equality and Diversity

    June 27, 2018

    Minerva is the Roman Goddess of wisdom and justice. In this spirit, the FEPS Minerva project endeavours to deepen our knowledge of gender issues in the socio-economic domain through a multi-disciplinary and progressive approach.

    A gender perspective cuts through all the most pressing

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